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Welcome to Blackspring Farms!

Over the years I've dabbled in a few different trades and arts, and I wish I had started documenting and selling what I created sooner.  Pottery is my favorite creative endeavor at the moment, but I also sew and paint and sculpture and write, a real Jack of All Trades.  While the ideal outcome of my creativity is some kind of monetary reward, I also seek comfort knowing that what I make is documented, available to view, sometimes available to buy, and always there to inspire other folks.  

I set up at various festivals and events in the warmer months selling my stuff, and I try to keep an Etsy page active with some things that I've made and that is available to buy and ship.  

I offer custom pottery to those who are in need, as well as a variety of flower crowns for groups or parties and weddings.  

Im sure I'll be posting more in days to come, but in the meantime feel fre to check back anytime and see if I have anything new to show off.


Blackspring Farms

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